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Iran export dates

Iran is the second largest producer of this crop in the world after Egypt with 240,000 hectares of palm crop and annual production of over one million tons. After Iran, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE and Pakistan are among the most important date producers in the world.
Which is the best date?
In the world rankings of date exports, Iran is the third largest export date in the world with date exports of more than 400,000 tons.
For food businessmen, perhaps the first question is what is the best date for export?
Iran is the number one cultivator in the world in terms of area under cultivation, and annually large quantities of this crop are exported to other countries and export of date is very thriving.
Therefore, Iran is one of the important date producing countries by producing high quality export dates such as Mazaffat, Pyaram and….

The best dates in Iran
Of all the date varieties cultivated in Iran, the best dates are Iran, such as Pyaram, Mojool, Mazafati and Zahedi, which meet the highest demand in the world market.
Most of date palm production in Iran is in Khuzestan, Fars, Hormozgan, Kerman, Bushehr and Sistan Baluchestan provinces. Different varieties of date palm are cultivated according to climate.

Types of Iranian Date Exports by Province:
Khuzestan Province: Other dates (colonies)
Fars Province: Zahedi dates and Kabkab dates
Hormozgan Province: Parmam dates
Kerman Province: Mazafati dates
Sistan and Baluchestan Province: Mazafati dates
Bushehr Province: Barbecue dates
The most important types of dates in Iran are:

    Mazdafi dates (Mazdafi rhubarb)
    Other dates (colonial dates)
    Parmam dates (Maryam dates)
    Barbecue dates (Behbahan dates)
    Rabi dates
    Shahani dates
    Lamb dates
    Special dates
    Date allowed

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