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Other dates (colonial dates)

Other dates
Other dates (colonies) is one of the best varieties of dates in Iran which has a great fan base and is known by many different names.
These dates are also known locally as Stamaran, Sennaren, Stamara or Sambrun dates.
Due to the high sugar content of other dates (75%) is one of the sweetest and most delicious Iranian dates.
Location of other dates
The main place of cultivation and production of this date is in Khuzestan province and more than 70% of the total area under cultivation in this province is dedicated to other dates.
Due to the low moisture content of this date, which is about 18%, these dates are classified as semi-arid dates. Due to the low humidity of this date sample, it has better storage conditions than the dates with higher humidity and can be stored indoors for one year at ambient temperature.
Export of other dates
Due to this storage feature, ease of transportation and easy maintenance, colonization dates are easily exported and large quantities of these dates are exported from Iran to other countries annually.
North American countries, Arab countries and European countries such as Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, etc. are foreign customers of other dates and the market of these dates is very prosperous in these countries.
Other dates are categorized as:

    super select
    B Grade

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