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Economic group of Mazdeh

Direct supplier of all kinds of nuts and saffron

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Economic group of Mazdeh

Nemati Trading Company was founded by Mazdeh brand under the management of Mr. Nemati, in 2000 meters area with the slogan of loyalty and high quality of products, stablished in 2014. The company started its activities in the first years by exporting 300 tons of raisins (green, yellow), 200 tons of pistachios, 400 tons of dates each year to various countries such as Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. With the significant increase in export activities, other items such as barberry, saffron, jujube and plum were added to the company's export basket. Given that Chisel Green Raisin has varying degrees of quality and that Khalilabad city located in Khorasan Razavi has the most unique of its kind, this company has access to Mashhad as its head office to provides the largest gardens and varieties of the products, and in order to promote customer service and customer satisfaction with a customer-centric approach, has participated in international food fairs including Gulf food, specialized marketing seminars, transit routes, customs clearance and customer rights and supported by dear customers, commercial offices in Qatar, Oman Dubai, Pakistan and Turkey was stablished. According to the company's products, it is currently manufactured in 8000 meters factory with semi-automatic devices in brands, different volume packages and shipping by sea, air and land. By God, the export volume of raisins (green, yellow) has increased to more than 800 tons, 1 ton of saffron, 500 tons of pistachios and 700 tons od dates, in more countries such as the UAE, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Canada, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Russia and Spain in the year and now Mr. Nemati's esteemed managing director, with continuous efforts and with the help of God for the first time in Iran has imported raisins into the stock market so that this quality product will be honored along with other products.

گروه بازرگانی مزده

Economic group of Mazdeh !

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